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    Recommended Internet Security/Anti-Virus Suites


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    Recommended Internet Security/Anti-Virus Suites

    Post by Dan on Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:51 am

    Hi all,
    Just want to take the time to express (Nag you about!) how important it is to have a robust AV/ISS.

    Here I bare a list of some recommended companies and websites: Smile

    Kaspersky- www.kaspersky.com / www.kaspersky.co.uk
    Zonealarm- www.zonealarm.co.uk
    Bullguard- www.bullguard.co.uk / www.bullguard.com
    Bitdefender- www.bitdefender.co.uk / www.bitdefender.com
    Symantec/Norton- www.symantec.co.uk / www.symantec.com
    AVG- www.grisoft.com
    Mcafee- www.mcafee.co.uk / www.mcafee.com
    Ad-aware- www.adaware.com / www.adaware.co.uk / www.lavasoft.com
    F-Secure- www.f-secure.co.uk / www.f-secure.com
    Norton - www.symantec.com / www.symantec.co.uk

    If you have anymore suggestions, please PM, i repeat, PM! them to me, so I can ensure they are valid, safe links.

    Please note that the links provided do lead away from this website.
    Although all of the links are to trusted security firms/vendors, problems may still be possible, so therefore, I cannot take any responsibility
    if anything occurs outside of this website.

    Thank you,
    Dan Very Happy king


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