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    Rapid urbanization resulting in a myriad of problems

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    Rapid urbanization resulting in a myriad of problems Empty Rapid urbanization resulting in a myriad of problems

    Post by Martha on Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:37 am

    Urban health is determined and measured by the quality of houses, access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities, better transport facilities and clean air. Cochin, in recent years, has witnessed a phenomenal increase in urbanization due to a host of factors. Human population has increased in the limited space resulting in an increase in the number of buildings, roads,
    streets, sewage lines, storm drainage, vehicle population, urban waste, aerosol, smoke which caused much environmental pollution and degradation.

    Scores of studies have been undertaken into the planning standards concerning the density of population, density of buildings, standard road width, criteria for water management, sound and air quality and the factors of degradation have been discussed in detail. The factors such as unprecedented population growth, increase in land-use for different purposes, phenomenal slum growth and squatting areas, increase in the volume of traffic, rapid deterioration of air quality, water quality, noise pollution have been studied in detail and the level of degradation has been ascertained.

    A recent study revealed that the level of deterioration is high due to increase in the volume of traffic, population growth, growth of slums and noise pollution in eastern and central Kerala. Moderate level of pollution was seen in air and water in the city center, while low level of degradation is found in the western and southern parts of the state. We can therefore, conclude that with the growth of urbanization in the state, the environmental health is deteriorating and a Home in Kerala located in a prominent city center will have to cope with the high levels of environmental pollution. The level of pollution in certain city centers is such that people are now moving into the farther areas of the city to escape from allergy and associated disorders.

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