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    [AD] MULANDER | Season 5 | Exp 2500 | Drops 80% | Join now !!!

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    [AD] MULANDER | Season 5 | Exp 2500 | Drops 80% | Join now !!! Empty [AD] MULANDER | Season 5 | Exp 2500 | Drops 80% | Join now !!!

    Post by topratedpg on Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:40 pm

    [AD] MULANDER | Season 5 | Exp 2500 | Drops 80% | Join now !!! Mulander


    "Where Great MU Players Meet"

    [Server Information]

    Main Site: http://www.mulander.com
    Registration Site: http://main.mulander.com/index.php?page_id=register
    Forum: http://www.forum.mulander.com

    Experience: 2500x
    Drop: 80%
    Keep Stats: No
    Points per Reset: 1000
    Max Stat Points: 32767
    Max Reset: 131
    Jewel Success Rate: 80% max
    Chaos Machine Success Rate: 80% max

    [Server Events]

    Double Goer: 24/7
    Imperial Guardian: 24/7
    Blood Castle: Normal Time
    Devil Square: Normal Time
    Chaos Castle: Normal Time
    White Wizard: Every 2 Hours
    Golden Invasion: Every 2 Hours
    Sky Event: Every 4 Hours
    Raklion Event: Every Hour
    Merchant Moss Event: Occasional
    Hit & Up Event: Varies
    Happy Hour Event: Varies
    Boss Attack Event: Varies
    Halloween Event: Occasional
    Castle Siege: Once a Week

    [Server Features]

    3 Socket Options: Enabled
    Skill Tree: Enabled
    3D Camera: Enabled
    New Duel System: Enabled
    PVP Balance System: Enabled
    Anti-Hack: Enabled


    Cyron: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...04&ref=profile

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