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    TwinkiRO Awaits You !

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    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! Empty TwinkiRO Awaits You !

    Post by WeirdoZ on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:48 am

    [TwinkiRO - Ragnarok Online Private Server]

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! Banner3s

    Sorry that i don't speak a good english, i'm here to promote our server in order to gain more population!
    TwinkiRO Webs :
    Official Website : http://www.twinkiro.webuda.com/
    Forum : http://s1.zetaboards.com/twinkiro/index/
    Control Panel (For Registration) : http://www.twinkirocp.co.cc/
    Custom Map : http://s1.zetaboards.com/twinkiro/topic/3417007/1/#new

    Server Information :
    Exp :
    - 100x | 100x

    Max Lv :
    - Base 152 | Job 90

    Drop Rates :
    - 500x (Normal Mobs) | 250x(Mvp)

    Card Drops :
    - 2%

    Features :
    - max forge +20
    - 130+ custom map
    - 100+ custom quest
    - 80% 3rd job supported
    - fully basic equips mall
    - custom auto event
    - event coin shop
    - cusom WoE drops
    - custom donations
    - dedicate & friendly gm
    - anti WPE & RPE
    - enlarged guild capacity
    - custom mini game
    - weekly updates
    - runs 24/7
    - new refine system without breaking items, when fail it will -3 level with Kalunium and Bradium. *refine lv +10 above only work out*
    - new refine system without breaking items, when fail it will -1 level with High Density Kalunium and High Density Bradium. *refine lv +10 above only work out*

    Commands :
    @whois | @whogm
    @showexp | @showdelay
    @homtalk | @hominfo
    @time | @date | @jailtime
    @mi | @ii | @uptime
    @duel | @invite | @accept | @reject

    Npc's :
    - Warpra
    - Healer
    - Kapra
    - Donations
    - Events
    - Card Exchanger
    - Auto Events
    - Mini Games
    - Arenas
    - Mvp Ladder & Arena
    - Shopping Mall
    - Basic Mission
    - Bounty Mission
    - Ultilities (Stat skill reset, breeder, platinum skill etc..)
    - and more..

    If can't register in our control panel, try use other web browser, Example Firefox, Google Chrome
    not Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for viewing my thread and your support ^^ hope to see you in-game!

    Here some SS for our server, enjoy =D

    Main Town

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO025
    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO028

    Custom Quest Turn you into Chicken ^^

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO007-1

    Custom Map by TwinkiRO

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO000

    Custom Instance by TwinkiRO

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO003

    Custom Endless Tower by TwinkiRO

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO051

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO049

    Custom Instance by TwinkiRO
    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO023

    TwinkiRO Awaits You ! ScreenTwinkiRO025-1

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